Photo by Ming Dai


Statement of Darcy Paul, candidate for Member, Cupertino City Council

Occupation: Councilmember, City of Cupertino/Mayor/Attorney                          Age: 42     

     On Council and as Mayor of Cupertino, I have worked hard to represent our community values so that we can continue to have honest, open, and effective conversations rather than a government that serves as a rubber stamp for self entitled special interests. There are many external pressures facing our community. We need elected leadership that understands the motivations, and has the will to act upon rational, transparent, and coherent principles to deliver a conversation that supports disclosure rather than concealment. I will continue the work I’ve done in support of ensuring the sustained success of our community.


      After bringing our Volunteer Fair back to Cupertino, I am reaffirming a commitment to making sure that we spend our time engaging in activities of our choosing and that we have opportunities to share these experiences and real benefits with others. I will continue to work hard, listen to residents, and apply intelligence and experience, rather than glibness and empty acronyms, towards difficult problems. The former approach sometimes seem contentious, but it avoids the inevitable and exacerbated problems of the latter.

     Vote for Mayor Darcy Paul if you want our government to support, as a Council, what residents support.


Paul for Council 2018, FPPC# 1364110