• About Darcy

    Three-time Mayor of Cupertino (2018, 2021, 2022). In Cupertino’s history, there have only been two Councilmembers elected as Mayor three times, and only three elected as Mayor in consecutive years. Darcy will bring this ability to earn support and work for effective results to CUSD.

    Stands up for fairness and on principle. As a Councilmember, Darcy has always applied a thoughtful, principled approach while communicating honestly with people. During these last several challenging years, our local conversations have been challenging yet respectful and effective.

    Focused on community priorities. Darcy will listen to constituents and will work to fix the ways that we communicate with each other. We can only achieve real success and solve our most basic problems by starting with mutual respect. Everyone benefits from mutually respectful conversations that have honesty and integrity.

    Graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. Darcy was editor-in-chief of HLS’s law and technology legal publication prior to working in private practice as a patent litigator. He started his own law practice in 2010 after deciding to balance professional life with meaningful civic engagement.

    Two kids in CUSD. If elected, Darcy will be the only Board member with kids in CUSD. His motivations are educational and open rather than hidden and monetary, but he knows that everyone can win once we establish positive understandings.

    As a parent and long-time current elected official, Darcy has the background and motivations to ensure that CUSD delivers for students and the public effective, lasting results through an honest process that focuses on the community.