• Endorsements

    Rather than provide you a long list of endorsers that you don't connect to tangible work or results, I would like to share some experiences with good people and partners here. Similar to how I'll serve, I will work for quality rather than volume. Our interactions are meaningful, and I know that with patience we can achieve all of our goals. Here is how some of our past goals have been achieved with my friends and colleagues here, who represent a diverse array of perspectives in the ongoing journey of getting good results for everyone.

    Raj Chahal, City of Santa Clara, Councilmember

    I believe that Raj has brought to our local political environment a perspective that very much needed to be represented but he also represents a thoughtful care for the issues that is in my opinion an absolute necessity for our system to work. That is why when Raj and I served on the VTA Policy Advisory Committee together for two years, I made sure to cultivate a relationship with him regarding local transit solutions. When we recently had the opportunity to bring the City of Santa Clara into our microtransit system, the Via Shuttle in Cupertino, I made sure to contact Councilmember Chahal because I knew that across-the-spectrum support is achievable when we work together. We are working together to help ensure a cleaner and safer future, and that everyone has improved options for mobility.

    Liang Chao, Cupertino, Councilmember and Vice Mayor

    Vice Mayor Chao has dedicated an enormous amount of time, thought and effort in her role as a Councilmember. Liang and I did the long-term work of ensuring that Cupertino’s work plans for every one of our Commissions and Committees are on the same timetable as the City Council work plan, and that all of those are coordinated with our budget. When you look around the City now, we have an administration that is responsive to residents across the board. We have historically unparalleled services. I know that Vice Mayor Chao, like every honest thinking person with integrity, is constantly considering various new perspectives, and I know that our future work together will reflect the foundations we have built together. (www.liang4cupertinocouncil.com)

    Lisa Gillmor, Mayor of the City of Santa Clara

    I have worked with Lisa, the Mayor of the City of Santa Clara, for several years now. We first met each other in 2018. We both see transit as an area where we need to focus our energies upon improving infrastructure. As such, over the years we have both advocated for meaningful, modern, grade-separated transit in the West Valley that is both safer and faster than our current options. While that work continues, we have also recently brought our jurisdictions together with a micro-transit system known as the Via Shuttle, which began in Cupertino prior to the pandemic. Having received a recent grant from the state, we are able to expand the Via Shuttle program to include the City of Santa Clara, and with the planned move to electric vehicles, we are working for a safer, faster and cleaner future together. (www.gillmorformayor.com)

    Pam Hershey, Cupertino Union School District, Home Instructor

    I have known Pam for many years as a fellow resident and as someone who does invaluable work for Cupertino Union School District. Pam is a lifelong local. After a career as a teacher, she decided to help our local community by becoming an instructor for CUSD's Home Instruction program. This program is part of an effort to ensure that every student is provided a high-quality education by people who care about and provide sufficient attention to the needs of the student. When circumstances require that a student learn from home, and these can arise for any number of reasons but are often medically related, Home Instructors like Pam provide the direct instruction that they need. We have discussed this and similar programs, and I know that it is through intelligent thought, planning and care that we can deliver high-quality services to everyone. That's why I'm running, to support efforts like these and the type of caring attitude that Pam brings to the community.

    Chappie Jones, Vice Mayor of San Jose

    I have known and worked with Chappie for many years. The good relationship between Chappie and me is one reason why we have excellent prospects going forward in our interactions with San Jose. This past year alone, Cupertino has worked with San Jose to annex seven acres of land that will become future park space in the most park-deficient area of Cupertino. This process went well and we worked together as good neighbors to get this done because we know it is something that will be of benefit to everyone. It will be good relationships that get us to the point that people feel comfortable that they are not being exploited or marginalized, and I know that it is the continuity of work that will ensure that the solutions we can envision are put into effect with the work of friends and partners.

    Lynette Lee Eng, Town of Los Altos, Councilmember

    I’ve served on the Santa Clara County Library Joint Powers Authority Board as well as the VTA Policy Advisory Committee with Lynette. We served together on each of these during the pandemic. We also have a common interest in helping to ensure that our communities do our part to address issues with transportation and transit infrastructure as well as with responding to the plight of the unhoused. In the West Valley, we are simply under-served with regard to our transit options. With regard to the unhoused, this is a growing issue not just in our area, but societally. Lynette and I have discussed this issue with key people in the County and the non-profit sector, and I know that with ongoing work, we will have solutions that address the underlying issues and create better communities for everyone.

    Jerry Liu, Cupertino Union School District, Board Member

    Jerry and I have known each other ever since I ran for Council in 2014. We have spent years discussing the various issues that face our area, our kids and the various jurisdictions that comprise the region. As the Mayor of Cupertino in 2021, I worked with Jerry when he was the Governing Board President of CUSD in 2021 to help ensure that the City of Cupertino and the Cupertino Union School District were both responding to ongoing pandemic conditions in a manner that took into account all the various factors affecting the decision-making. This includes resident sentiment, employee perspectives and concerns, the science, the epidemiology of the data, and most of all where our students and residents, respectively, were needing support. I look forward to bringing a fair, open and honest approach to CUSD as his colleague on the Board. (www.jerryliu.com)

    Evan Low, California State Legislature, Assemblymember

    Evan and I have known each other for over a decade, starting back when he was a local Councilmember as well. Over the years, we have worked together on a number of issues. During the pandemic, I reached out very early to Evan to ensure that the State was putting resources into ensuring that PPE (personal protective equipment) was available to our frontline workers and to our most vulnerable populations, and I was very happy when the response was immediate and significant. Before I was elected to the City Council, in particularly difficult times, I reached out to Evan because I knew that he understands what it means to face challenges based upon prejudices and entrenched interests. These are not easy conversations to have, but we have had them, and we continue to have them regarding our most challenging issues today. Evan has reminded me that our roles are not just about speaking truth and having open discussions, but also about diplomacy. I’m grateful for Evan’s support and I know that by working together we will keep bringing forth open conversations and effective solutions.

    Julia Miller, El Camino Hospital District, Board Member

    Julia is a true inspiration. After being a member of the inaugural class of Cupertino High School, she went on to become a Councilmember and Mayor in Sunnyvale. I have always ever since becoming involved in politics admired people who make the sacrifices of time to serve in our local municipalities as Councilmembers, and then from there proceed to become involved with other local elected jurisdictions, such as in Julia’s case a local hospital district. Julia’s example is a major reason why I am running for school board now. I was very much looking forward to getting the time back, but when many people asked me to run for CUSD board, I thought of the examples set by people like Julia and decided to keep serving the community.

    Ken Yeager, former member of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for Ken Yeager. Ken served with clarity and integrity when he was on the County Board. He is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Over the years, much has been politicized regarding this identity. When I work with Ken, and I observe his work, what I realize is that the key part of what makes him a great public servant is that he has integrity about the way he approaches issues. For him, it is about thinking through the issues and doing the background work. What I really believe about our most supposedly intractable issues is that our success is premised upon people having this kind of integrity in common. Ken is the opposite of the kind of politicians and people who do nothing except attack and smear in order to promote special interests, and that’s why I’m proud to have his support.

    Yan Zhao, City of Saratoga, Councilmember

    Yan was the Mayor of Saratoga last year, in 2021, when I was Mayor of Cupertino for the second time. When the Stop Asian Hate movement occurred in 2021, Yan coordinated our area’s first rally, which was in Saratoga, with the full support of our fellow West Valley Mayors in Campbell, Los Gatos and Monte Sereno. We subsequently held a similar rally in Cupertino. My work with Yan tells me that basic common strands of decency and ability are what will deliver our future solutions. We also have a great opportunity to keep working to improve the way that we conduct our conversations, with the idea that shared open sentiments are the template for more complete solutions. With that, I have a lot of confidence in everyone’s future and my work with Yan has in significant part led to this outlook. (www.yanforcouncil.com)

    John Zoglin, El Camino Hospital District, Board Member

    John and I have spoken over the years and I am proud to have his ongoing support. Currently we are working to support Cupertino's Volunteer Fair, which was re-started in 2018 after many years of absence. Many years before then, the Volunteer Fair was held in a parking structure at De Anza College. In my time in public office, I have worked to restore the relationship between the College and the community such that we are now working on several invaluable initiatives that help every member of the area and reaches out across jurisdictional and socioeconomic boundaries. Similarly, with the El Camino Hospital District, there are a number of health- and mental health- related interfaces which benefit the CUSD community and our students. These projects require understanding and attention, and I will continue to work with my counterparts in partner jurisdictions such as John to continue the conversations and improve our delivered services.