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    Darcy Paul for School Board 2022

    FPPC# 1452415


    In an effort to be more environmentally conscientious, we are anticipating re-using lawn signs in the future. Legal requirements do not mandate the name of a political committee on a lawn sign. However, we have placed “Darcy Paul for School Board” on all of our lawn signs. This lets people know what committee is responsible for the sign.

    The full name of the committee is “Darcy Paul for School Board 2022” but adding the year makes re-using the sign in a future election (or re-election) problematic, because a future election will have a different year which changes the end of the committee name.

    We hope that our use of the QR code on the lawn sign which links to this page encourages further similar approaches.


    Throughout the pandemic, we all learned that when needed we can harness and optimize current capabilities (for example, videoconferencing) in ways that help us, while at the same time, as we re-emerge from pandemic conditions, we also need good thought and care with regard to how we utilize the new technologies (for example, how we implement hybrid meetings).


    It takes a significant amount of thought and consideration to figure out how to be both accessible and efficient, and I plan to continue to work with my colleagues, our students and the public as a school board member so that we can all keep creating this wonderful work in progress of a society.


    We all have multiple roles. I embrace the opportunities in each and every role to help us get to an ever-improving and better place.


    Here are the specific requirements as applicable for candidate-controlled committees, and please note on the third page at the bottom that the committee name and number on a lawn sign, while encouraged, are not required:


    In future elections, we will update and modify this page, with the QR code still linking here. Thanks for your involvement! Together, we will work for a brighter, cleaner and better future.


    If you are interested in a lawn sign, please email us at darcyforcusd@gmail.com. Please include your name, address and telephone number so that we can contact you and deliver the sign. Or, you call fill out the information below.

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