Vision for Cupertino

I am not outcome-determinative, but if re-elected here are three specific projects that I will be supporting:


Our library is one of the most utilized per capita in the nation. It serves a demographic both literate and conscientious. We should be putting more effort into supporting this resource. That is why I support an expansion of the library such that there is useable meeting space within the structure itself.


We need Council members who will work to get projects done in areas where specific needs exist. There are areas in Cupertino that are very park-deficient. Rather than work to reject or block efforts while proposing alternatives that don’t get subsequently explored and which fail to address the deficient areas, we should be putting a sincere effort into acquiring and developing these spaces.


Public transit needs to serve current needs. Right now, with commute times increasing, the need for an effective public transit system has never been clearer. I would prefer that we re-take the mantle of innovation in this area rather than allow ourselves to suffer the ever increasingly negative effects of logjam in our traffic infrastructure.

Paul for Council 2018, FPPC# 1364110